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A Trust For The Fans

Fans make the club. Players and staff may come and go, but we remain. We are there through stromy weather and disappointing results. Without us, there is no club. So when big decisions are made at board level, we believe that your voice, the voice of the supporters, must be heard.

CF10 Rugby Trust aims to acquire shares in Cardiff Blues, in order to gain a fan-representative seat on the board. We believe the key to this is working with existing share holders, combining all the smaller shares into one large, influencial body.

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Our Priorities

Be Heard

The Trust gives supporters a clear and powerful voice when big decisions are being made


We want to help the club, not hinder it. This is not a rebellion or mutany. We want to be a critical friend to support and work with the board.


Through organising the existing supporter share ownership, we can gain considerable influence at board level.


We want to preserve the history of the club, while promoting its current status. Progression is good, but our history is integral to who we are.


Our club is our community. We want to strengthen the bonds between the club and its supporters.

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